Arts Programs

For more than 50,000 years, Yindjibarndi people have sustained our country, knowledge, Law and our well-being through our language, arts and crafts and cultural practices. Many Yindjibarndi are interested in becoming more involved in arts and crafts that celebrate our culture. Arts and cultural projects are known to contribute to better health and well-being and self-confidence.

Painting, making children’s books, sculpture, digital arts and documentary projects, photography projects, children’s art and cultural projects, and coordinating intercultural artist’s camps are becoming part of our ways of working – to preserve our Culture, Law, Language and Health & Well-being. Arts and Cultural Projects promote our culture to the world.

Arts News

Juluwarlu Artists partnering with five other Remote and Regional Aboriginal Arts Centres In June, Judith and our volunteer Juluwarlu Arts
Thanks to a grant from Lotterywest, Juluwarlu has been increasing the facilities available to our Artists and Craft Makers. New
In late May, Juluwarlu, Cheeditha and Ngurrawaana Artists welcomed our first Artist-in-Residence, Fiona Gavrino. Fiona first learnt her Australian grass
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