Because we respond to the expressed aspirations and needs of our Yindjibarndi Elders and communities, and dependent upon the income we raise through our provision of services, financial partnerships, and successful grant submissions to carry out requested projects and programs, every year is different. However, we maintain our continuing core activities of Sustaining Our Heritage, Archiving, Language Preservation, Promoting Yindjibarndi Culture, and Supporting our Communities.

Sustaining Our Heritage

Our Yindjibarndi Heritage lies in our country, the sacred and significant beliefs and values that enrich our lives, the sites that our Creation Ancestors and Old People have imbued with spirit, life and meaning by their continuing presence, and the legacy to call upon them to assist us as we seek to maintain our Ngurra so that the climate, animals, plants, our water sources and the wellbeing of all Yindjibarndi and future generations endures and is not threatened.

Our Language, Our Ngurra, Our Unity

Keeping our language strong is central to our resilience. Keeping our Law, graduating our young men through the Law, living according to our proper Galharra relationships, carrying out our management responsibilities for Country, caring for one another according to our Nyinyart values of mutual support and care, and maintaining our kinship relationships with one another, ensuring we learn the knowledge passed down by our Old People, and contributing to our Yindjibarndi nation are best accomplished through continuing conversations, listening and understanding in our Yindjibarndi wangka.

Our Children

Knowing and living according to the legacies and inheritance given by the Marrga, our ancestors and Old People gives us the strengths, commitment and determination that enable us to meet the challenges we face, and enables us to continue the work we do to ensure that today’s children and future generations will inherit our Law, Culture, Country with the necessary knowledge and strong relationships they will need to take their rightful places as Yindjibarndi and contributors to our nation.

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