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Ngurra gangangarrinha yingu buluyugayi birbiwarni wankgayi thurdud mirda nyantharri biyiyarri
Country, we come here today to visit you and talk straight… please don’t get angry and harm us…

Coming to country, we speak to our ancestors, and they speak with us. Creating this website, we speak with you. We share our knowledge, experience and cultural project work generously so that you will understand who we are and learn about our Yindjibarndi country, our people, our language and our Laws.


At Juluwarlu we have a proud record of recording and maintaining our Yindjibarndi Law, Language and Culture, practicing our Yindjibarndi values of Nyinyart (mutual support), and ensuring that every voice is heard and responded to in our planning of the projects, programs and activities we carry out on behalf of, and together with our Yindjibarndi Elders and families.

Juluwarlu’s diverse range of programs includes:

  • Archiving our Yindjibarndi Knowledge and History
  • Language Preservation
  • Publishing
  • Mapping Country
  • Media Production and Broadcasting
  • Next Generation Programs
  • Arts & Cultural Programs
  • Research
  • Community Development & Support
  • Cultural Services and much more.

Ongoing Projects

Once our Yindjibarndi Law, Culture and Language were kept alive by Elders and gathering together for ceremony. Yindjibarndi will always

Current Projects

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Past Projects

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