The Marrga

The Marrga are the mangarn of our ngurra: they embody the creative energies of Mingkala, and their energies inhabit our ngurra and all living things. At the time when the world was soft, the Marrga were powerful Creation Spirits – tall, slender beings with long limbs and crowned heads who can be seen etched on rocks throughout our country.

In the Ngurra Ngujjungamu, it was the Marrga who developed our Birdarra Law and the Burndud song cycle we sing to remind us of the creation of our world and everything that exists.

The Burndud was first sung during Birdarra Law ceremonies the Marrga created at Birlinbirlin.

Mantis reminds us of the Marrga
Stone carven of a Marrga Man
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