Our Story

Juluwarlu’s cultural recording and archiving project was started by Lorraine Coppin in the Ngurrawaana Community on the Yindjibarndi tablelands in 1998 with elder Woodley King and his grandson, Michael Woodley, and was incorporated in 2000.

Juluwarlu took its first steps in 1999. Until then, there had been no enduring agency in Roebourne that had taken up the work of recording local culture…. That the work of cultural recording was being taken up by a new generation of Indigenous activists, and that they had successfully established a local archive and recording centre, was enormously significant.



Juluwarlu’s purpose is to collect, sustain and promote knowledge of Yindjibarndi culture – our ngurra (country), wanda, (plants) and animals, our language, genealogy, mythology, social history, and biography  to sustain our Yindjibarndi identity, self esteem, respect and other values we consider vital to our lives, our wellbeing and our culture future. We do this for our children   and our future generations so that they too, are inspired to contribute to our Australian national community.

Juluwarlu’s Organisational Objective is: To provide a sustainable, professional, institutional structure, which reinforces, engages and allows access to Ngaarda heritage, history and language, effectively empowering Aboriginal people in our cultural, artistic, social, economic, political and environmental pursuits.


“[Juluwarlu’s archive is] Western Australia’s, and possibly Australia’s, leading centre for gathering Indigenous oral culture with digital image and archiving” — Screen West.
2016 Archive of National Significance
Juluwarlu’s archive was recognised by the National Library of Australia as creating a collection of great significance for local people, as well as in State and national discourse
2011 Lifetime Achievement Award
Ned Cheedy was given the most prestigious NAIDOC prize, the Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedicated cultural recording work for Juluwarlu and the Yindjibarndi people
2006 Business Award
40Under40 Business Award for Michael Woodley’s business achievements and managerial proficiency
2006 Excellence in Training
Juluwarlu was awarded 1st place in the Federal Minister’s Award for Excellence for an Employer of Australian Apprentices for the North Western Australia Region
2005 Film Award
Best Language & Culture Video for Wanggangarra at the 8th National Remote Indigenous Media Festival
 2005  Aboriginal Language Maintenance & Promotion
Ned & Cherry Cheedy honoured with the Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre Individual Contribution to Pilbara Aboriginal Language Maintenance and Promotion award for their work in Juluwarlu in gathering and transmitting knowledge


Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation from Juluwarlu on Vimeo.