August 2017: Our “New Ways” Nyinyart Yinda Residency

Guest Artists, Eveline Kotai and Giles Hohnen with Pansy and Jane Cheedy and Juluwarlu artists

Our third Residency welcomed Eveline Kotai and Giles Hohnen, acclaimed Western Australian artists who came with a multitude of new exciting practices to try and then excel at. Twenty three artists participated so enthusiastically, and with such skill, and from early morning until dark that our Guest Artists remarked that no university classes they’d taught had ever impressed them so much. We had just won our Yindjibarndi #1 exclusive Land Title, and found that our spirits were enlivened and dancing for expression in the new arts techniques our Guests were teaching us. Our ancestors and ngurra and all our ngurra holds were aching to be expressed in paint on canvas, on canvas, on boards. Cultural continuity personal and social change impacted on us as we created so quickly, we hardly knew ourselves.

McKenzie Springs Trip

Lyn Cheedy
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