Ngurra Nyujunggamu: Creation

Our Yindjibarndi ancestors were chosen by Mingkala to be the group responsible for the sacred Ngurra where creation is recorded in stone at Birlinbirlin, and to carry the sacred Birdarra Law and the Burndud song cycle in Yindjibarndi language because their wirrba (spirit) was most open to Mingkala.

When Ngurra Nyujuggamu was completed, the world became hard, and Mingkala and the Marrga disappeared but we believe they are still present in our ngurra (country).

At Birlin Birlin

To this day, at Birlinbirlin, near the first initiation ground, the key events of Birdarra Law and creation can be seen in the stone – the circular Burndud dance ground, the Galharra that orders our relationships, the Sun, the Moon, the Morning Star, the Milky Way, and Nayalyu the demon spirit.

We still respect the borders of each Pilbara nation’s Ngurra. Our territories are known and mapped by our different languages, and the cultural stories, songs, and ritual practices that guard, enrich and sustain the Ngurra we were given by Mingkala at the beginning of time when the world was soft.

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