Know the Song, know the Country.

Juluwarlu Field Trip to Hooley Station
Juluwarlu Field Trip to Hooley Station

The living Yindjibardi language preserves our culture and history in stories and song. Visit here to dip in to some of the knowledge bequeathed to us to by our old people.

  • The moral of this story is: Don’t mess with your uncle’s wife!
  • In the Yindjibarndi Dreaming a long, long time ago, up on the tablelands along the Fortescue River, lived a group of Yindjibarndi people going about their daily lives. Everything and everybody who lived in their camps was happy, without a fear or care in the world. ...
  • There are two seasons in Yindjibarndi; Mulu – the cold time and Garrwarn – the hot time. When you still see caterpillars on the ground it is still the cold time.
  • A cautionary tale about greed and selfishness, and disproportionate response.
  • In our Dreaming a long, long time ago, back in the creation times when the Yindjibarndi believed the world was soft, on the tablelands along the blue Ranges our people call Gamburdaynha and around the Fortescue River – Yarnda Nyirranha, in the cracks and gorges there lived Bargunyji a snake that had teeth like knives ...
  • A Sea Serpent made Millstream Pools
  • Every man and woman in the community belong to one of four Galharra groups – Banaga, Burungu, Balyirri or Garimarra.
  • Elsewhere in Australia it is called “The Dreamtime”. Here in the Pilbara, we describe this time of creation as “When the World was soft”
  • A spirit man journeys with a terrifying serpent, ripping up trees with an angry wind, smashing the land with floods and changing the country forever. Available from the apple itunes store